Hope You Can Relate

I only feel energy, I see no gender
When I talk ’bout fish, I wanna catch ya, I’m a fisher
Now they debate on who I like, they wanna see a list of
Girls and boys out here so they can see if I’m official

I tell ’em, ooh, come down, this ain’t your life found
If you want to smile, if you’re happy for me now
I hope you can relate, if you can’t right now
You might be a little late or you might never get it down
But who like

How many out there just like me?
How many work on self-acceptance like me?
How many face a situation like me?
I wonder, oh

Happy Pride Month!

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Pride Month!

For those of you who, like me, are stuck inside due to health troubles, concerns over the continuing pandemic, or just because you want to be; You don’t have to miss out on the Pride Celebrations! Pride At Home is a Second Life based month-long celebration that includes regular DJ’d events and some fantastic content creators! There’s even a huge freebie area full of awesome Pride goodies! I highly suggest checking them out when you get a chance.


Body Parts

  • LeLUTKA Skyler Head
  • [LEGACY] Meshbody (m)
  • Fantasy Bento B.O.M. Ears Pack I&II (With Earrings) + {Aii} – VIP Group Gift!



  • RIOT / Avery Crop Tee – Pride – Pride At Home Mainstore Special!


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