I Will Chant For Thee

Þann gel ek þér inn þriðja
Ef þér þjóðáarFalla at fjörlotum
Horn ok Ruðr
Snúisk til heljar meðan
En þverri æ fyr þér

English translation:
Then third I will chant thee,
If threatening streams
The danger of death shall bring:
Yet to Hel shall turn
Both Horn and Ruth,
And before thee the waters shall fail

I promise, I’ll probably do my best to wear pants in my next post. Or a shirt. Possibly both.

Nefekalum Tattoos has blessed us with The Sacred tattoo set this June. Available only at Ritual from June 2nd to the 22nd, The Sacred is an exquisite line of mystical symbols to decorate the torsos of you High Priests and tortured Zealots out there. The set includes three versions, I’m wearing the Carved version in today’s photo… In case you missed my last post, I have a thing for beautifully done cutting and scarification, so this should be no surprise to anyone. The depth lent to the piece by the artfully done materials, the hue, it’s all so delicious, don’t you think?

Ahem, getting off track a bit.. Back to the important stuff.

Included alongside the Carved version are a Black version that’s more akin to your typical tattoo, and of course the Marked version, which is reminiscent of a healed and embellished scarification piece. These are all, naturally, included as a BOM, as well as HUDs for Legacy, Maitreya, and Omega!

Hair & Hood

Body Parts



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