You Are No One

Now you know what’s after this
beyond your grave another false pretense
that you go to hell, that you go to heaven
you’re going nowhere just like me

I hope everyone’s Pride Month is going well! Mine’s been alternating violently between super chill and crazy busy due to my RL commitments this month. But, it’s finally starting to chill a bit and I even managed to get a couple nice shots in the other day!

Today’s post is a doozy! I know, I know, I said I’d see about wearing pants in my next posts… probably, I can’t be bothered to actually look back at what I said.. But I mean, come on. These boots and this tattoo were just too perfect to cover up at all! Plus my tush is cute, sue me (actually plz don’t, I have no money T_T).

Nefekalum Tattoos has released this gorgeously dark Materials Enabled Tattoo, Death Becomes, for We ❤ RP‘s June Round. The piece encompasses the wearer’s arms, upper torso, neck, and face in a Venom-esque ichor that seems to come alive as the light plays off of it. Its materials layers are incredibly receptive to lighting, as you can see both in the full bodied shot above and the portrait below, lending a beautiful 3D quality to the piece that would be beneficial to a good variety of Dark RPers, or really anyone looking for a uniquely twisted appearance! Death Becomes comes in a pack that includes Seven different colors, as well as BoM Layers and HUDs for Catwa, Lelutka Evo & EvoX, Legacy, Omega, and more!

I’ve paired this amazing tattoo with Nefekalum’s Mercury eyes. These eyes are Materials Enabled and they come in a pack of Seven Colors as well, so really they’re just asking to be paired with Death Becomes, in my opinion. The Mercury eyes include Omega and Lelutka Appliers, Mesh eyes, and BoM layer eyes, as well as a very unique bit of eye makeup (not worn here).

Of course, we can’t forget cinphul’s incredible contribution to this look! The Strykr boots are meant to pair with the rest of the Strykr set, but I simply couldn’t help myself in giving them a solo performance. These Thigh High boots just keep on climbing up the deliciously long legs of the wearer in the most sensual fashion. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good pair of boots. They’re fitted for all sorts of Mesh bodies including Maitreya, Kupra, Legacy female AND male, Belleza Jake, Freya, SLink female AND Male, Hourglass, Signature Gianni and Geralt, and Alice! A pair of unrigged pumps are included, if you’re not into thigh highs and just want the snazzy digigrade looking footwear instead! And, of course, they come with a HUD that’s positively full of texture options! If you’re into Cyberpunk and you don’t have cinphul’s Strykr goodies… what are you doing with your Second Life? 😉


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