Glitter In The Sky

If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy
And I can take you for a ride

Cinphul‘s (feels weird capitalizing that but hopefully Imokon will forgive me because grammar and whatnot XD) uniquely named ‘prst.qn‘ set may not be their newest release, but it’s certainly one of their most iconic in recent history. Like the ‘prst.comdr‘ set I shot some time ago this outfit offers a variety of original mesh pieces, rigged and otherwise. And even while the prst.qn set offers a much more streamlined and delicate look, I would hardly call it dainty or light.

Each rigged piece works well with most popular female mesh bodies, flat chested or otherwise, and all pieces come in a variety of colors to suit most any situation. As with all of Imokon’s creations, the prst.qn set boasts some truly exquisite materials. The whole affect giving the wearer a truly otherworldly appearance.


Body Parts