Glitter In The Sky

If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy
And I can take you for a ride

Cinphul‘s (feels weird capitalizing that but hopefully Imokon will forgive me because grammar and whatnot XD) uniquely named ‘prst.qn‘ set may not be their newest release, but it’s certainly one of their most iconic in recent history. Like the ‘prst.comdr‘ set I shot some time ago this outfit offers a variety of original mesh pieces, rigged and otherwise. And even while the prst.qn set offers a much more streamlined and delicate look, I would hardly call it dainty or light.

Each rigged piece works well with most popular female mesh bodies, flat chested or otherwise, and all pieces come in a variety of colors to suit most any situation. As with all of Imokon’s creations, the prst.qn set boasts some truly exquisite materials. The whole affect giving the wearer a truly otherworldly appearance.


Body Parts


In My Hand

Skip to eight, we called it fate
To live, to let us die another day

Allow me a moment to both welcome my newest sponsor DREAMCATCHER and sing their praises. I stumbled across this little shop with the help of Flickr and was immediately struck by the creativity of the creator behind it. It’s painfully rare to find a creator willing to delve into alternative fashions for men such as the delightfully puffy sleeves I’m wearing in this photograph, as well as the skirt I will be displaying later on this week. So, naturally, I took the initiative and applied via their Blogotex. I held no assumptions that I would be accepted, of course, and was entirely too delighted to receive a generous message a short while later to that effect.

The Theodore sleeves worn in this photograph are incredibly versatile and can be worn with any sleeveless outfit or on their own. They do not connect in the front or back, so it’s not quite a bolero jacket, but the shoulder cuff is tight enough to reasonably keep them up (if you’re into realism at all). They come with a wonderful HUD boasting not only an extremely wide variety of colors, but the means to adjust the transparency to make them more transparent or entirely opaque, depending on your desires. These sleeves are rigged for the Legacy Male (regular/Athletic) and Belleza Jake bodies.

I’ve paired these sleeves with DREAMCATCHER’s Metal Rose Nipple Piercings, though they are more like pasties or nipple shields, meant to fully obscure the nipple from view. The mesh work for these is exquisite and while they do offer rigged versions for Legacy F, Maitreya, and Belleza Venus, as you can see they also offer an unrigged version for the rest of us. They’re very easy to adjust, which is a big plus if you’re a derp like me that takes forever to get things situated properly. And they come with a beautifully inclusive HUD that offers 9 different metal textures and hues for both the rose and the attached ring.


Body Parts




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These Hands

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