Glitter In The Sky

If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy
And I can take you for a ride

Cinphul‘s (feels weird capitalizing that but hopefully Imokon will forgive me because grammar and whatnot XD) uniquely named ‘prst.qn‘ set may not be their newest release, but it’s certainly one of their most iconic in recent history. Like the ‘prst.comdr‘ set I shot some time ago this outfit offers a variety of original mesh pieces, rigged and otherwise. And even while the prst.qn set offers a much more streamlined and delicate look, I would hardly call it dainty or light.

Each rigged piece works well with most popular female mesh bodies, flat chested or otherwise, and all pieces come in a variety of colors to suit most any situation. As with all of Imokon’s creations, the prst.qn set boasts some truly exquisite materials. The whole affect giving the wearer a truly otherworldly appearance.


Body Parts


The Horror Beyond

Are you afraid? You should be
I can’t explain what’s happening to me
I’ve been to places
That we’re not allowed to go
To learn the words
That we’re not supposed to know
Say them with me

To say I had far too much fun with this photo would be a dramatic understatement. I’m proud to say that I managed to combine the work of all three of my incredible sponsors here! There’s a lot going on though so let me break it down for you:

Just as a quick note – I highly suggest viewing this photo in its largest format. On Flickr this can be done by simply clicking on the image once or twice to ‘blow it up’. Here, you need to right click on the photo and select an option to view it in another tab and that should do it.

First up let’s talk about the amazing Nefekalum Tattoos! In this photo, I’m wearing both their “The Blood” arm and chest tattoos as well as “My Anubis” facial tattoos. Both of these are available in a few options and both include materials layer activation which gives them very cool highlights depending on the lighting in your area.

Next we have cinphul’s beautiful Argos set. This set was a very pleasant surprise for me as I was fully prepared to use it on my Maitreya Flat Chest look but discovered that the rigged Waist Cincher is actually rigged for Legacy Male! Can I just say that I love the hell out of Imokon for rigging for us guys as well? Because I really do. Not only is this Materials Enabled, beautifully detailed mesh set rigged for my preferred mesh body, but a ton of others as well! Both Male AND Female! The collar is fully adjustable as it’s unrigged and both the collar and cincher come with a texture HUD offering 8 different and utterly gorgeous texture options! If you’ve been collecting the recent clothing and accessory releases from cinphul these are an absolute must have for your Insect Queen look!

Last but certainly not least is my most recent sponsor – DREAMCATCHER! I’ve used their incredible Fallen Angel Aphelion Skirt in photos once or twice now but I wanted to do a piece that really highlighted how utterly gorgeous it is. The whole piece does have materials enabled but they’re subtle and blissfully reasonable as far as metal and leather go. No awkward or unnecessary shine here, folx! This piece is rigged for Legacy M, Belleza Jake, and Signature Gianni just to cover all the primary bases. It also includes a lovely texture HUD that offers the option to texture the skirt and belt separately. The movement is great as well! This really is the whole package in one, wonderfully simple, piece of clothing.

Just for kicks, I also decided to include DREAMCATCHER‘s Echo of Darkness orbs. And while, I admit, I added the electrical effects in photoshop just for flavor, these beautiful orbs are genuinely lovely all on their own. They are Mod/Copy and the orb, while it’s built onto the same mesh as the pedestal, is its own face. So if you have a little experience with the edit menu in Second Life, it’s super easy to add a little glow to it. These are available in red, as shown, purple, and a very pretty tealish green hue. They are 1 land impact at their ‘out of the box’ size but since they’re Mod you can resize them however you like! Just remember, that can have an effect on the land impact, so keep an eye on that!


Body Parts