I Can’t Complain

You are the habit, yeah, you are the vice
You can’t be trusted, and I can’t be nice
You are the sickness, that crawls in my head
You’ll keep supplying, until I am dead
You can’t be serious, so I cut the cord
You come around when you think I am bored
Chase down the devil and give him my name
Take off the mask to reveal we’re the same.

Have you ever looked at your AV and thought ‘Hmmm, they look far too well-rested and nowhere near gaunt enough to suit my current mood and/or the RP character they are currently desperately attempting to convey’? Well, if you have, do I have the makeup(? Cue existential crisis as to whether to call this makeup or not) for you! That’s right, Nefekalum Tattoos release for the January-February round of The Warehouse Sale, aptly titled ‘Deprivation‘ is probably exactly what you’re looking for! Just slap this simple, single BoM layer onto your face and the artfully created dark circles, veining, and hollow cheeks will instantly give your AV the exhaustedly weird look you’ve been looking for! It even comes in a super user-friendly pack that includes LeLutka EvoX and regular BoM layers!

I hope you didn’t think we were finished with Mainframe! Because we’re not.. Not by a long shot.
First up for Mainframe we’ve got :H:, or as I’ve recently discovered their proper name to be ‘H E L L B O U N D’ which is pretty neat in my opinion. But for brevity’s sake, we’ll keep calling them :H:. They’re offering both the Nova Bindi and Nova Eyes for this round of Mainframe. The Nova Bindi is a very cute little bit of forehead jewelry. Its fairly simplistic but elegant design makes for a fine accessory whether you’re hacking the planet or going out for an elegant evening of dancing with your special someone (or without, I’m not judgy). While the Nova Eyes come in a pack of 7 hues and look capable of seeing through even the thickest of walls when calibrated correctly! They also include both BoM layers and a Lelutka eye applier!

Last but certainly not least, we have ~Shiny Stuffs~! Their contribution to this round of Mainframe is fairly large! It includes multiple styles of makeup and lipstick, including some tattoo layer cybernetic enhancements for your face.. Seriously, there’s a ton, you really should stop by and check it out. Today we’re focusing on the Discotheque Lipstick. This lipstick is one of three sets that are being released into the Mainframe event. It includes TWENTY-ONE(21) versions. No joke. The sheer amount of variety in these packs is ridiculous. My hat off to the creator behind ~Shiny Stuffs~! These are, however, limited to Lelutka EvoX users. That aside, they’re really outstanding and if you have an EvoX head and a penchant for cyberpunk/goth makeup, I highly recommend picking them up.

Mainframe Highlights
These items are available at the Mainframe Event until February 13th!


Body Parts


Cybernetic Attachment

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