We’re All Gods

We’re all bitches
We’re all whores
We crave attention
Like some wannabe stars
We’re all posers
We’re all Gods
Pretend we’re perfect
Like some fucking attention whore

Welcome to my second Mainframe post! Second of how many, you ask? I… genuinely have no idea. A few? A handful? We’ll see. All I know is they want 3 out of me and I’m genuinely having far too much fun with their goodies. There’s a lot to go through in this shot, so let’s get to it!

Kicking things off with one of the most eye catching items in the shot (other than my fabulousness, that is) would be the Hilted Terachips Snack Vending Machine! I just love decorative pieces like this, they can add a lot of pizazz to an area. The vending machine is available in 6 different colors at 6 land impact each (super easy to remember!) and it does give out bags of chips for each of those big snazzy buttons via a drop-down menu when it’s clicked! If you don’t want the scripts running you can easily set the script to not running through the content tab, build drop menu on your toolbar, etc. Despite what it says, it IS mod so feel free to shrink, stretch, and fiddle away. Just remember that the LI will change if you mess with its size since it’s made out of mesh.

Astara‘s really brought their A-Game to this event with their Cyberfit Set! This mesh outfit is a matching top and bottoms set that comes in three delicious flavors! A texture HUD that includes 10 different color options is included to make the outfit suit any very sexy occasion. Also, for those of you that are curious, the ‘shorts’ do include a flat version as well as a bulge one. Astara continues to cover all bases by including a multitude of Mesh Body sizes in this pack. We’re talking Legacy M, Jake, Legacy F, Maitreya, AND Lara Flat chest! This is seriously one of my favorite things from this event, it’s so much fun!

Also making an appearance in this shot, though it will be included in later pics as well, is the .:Short Leash:. “Controlcore Unit”. This adorable little piece is basically a cybernetic chest implant that acts as a collar or, literally, a ‘Control Unit’. It’s mesh and mod (ignore the script perms, the mesh is mod), so it’s super easy to tinker with if you need to but it also comes with a fantastic texture HUD that gives you tons of color options! It’s not just OC either! They offer WHIM, PEANUT, OC, and even a non-scripted version! It’s super cute and the detailing is just ridiculous on the little board inside of it. You can get a super clear picture of it here!

There are two more items from Mainframe included and since I still have a bit more to share about this shot and I’m already probably boring the bananas out of you, I promise, I’m almost done!
Pixa‘s Oxy-Fresh is, I discovered after fumbling with it for a good few minutes, an INHALER! Yep! A little breath of fresh air while you’re visiting the lower dregs of those beautifully futuristic cities out there, isn’t that handy? They technically come very small and in 2 Posed/Animated versions… but I chose to blow it up (again, mod! Can I get a ‘Hell yeah’ for all the mesh creators that know how helpful setting it to Modify for us can be?!” and use it as a decorative.. thingamajig… in my shot. Isn’t it cute though?!

I’ve also included -Jane&Finch-‘s absolutely lovely H.E.X. Light Wall Panel as a background decorative piece. I love, love, LOVE, wall panels like this and -Jane&Finch- really knocked this one out of the park with this sleek yet modern design. It comes in 2 styles, Dark & Light, and each style includes 4 different colors! They are, of course, Modifiable, and sit at only ONE(1) Land Impact at their original size, which is MASSIVE! They shrink down a good bit as well, so no worries there.

Oh my god, I don’t think I’ve typed this much since the last time I was active in an RP sim. Btw, if anyone knows any good RP sims with active players, lemme know! I’m always on the lookout for stories to contribute to. Anyway, speaking of Roleplay, the indomitable Nefekalum Tattoos is making their first appearance on the blog in 2022 in this shot! Their Nuit upper chest & sleeved tattoo is perfect for a cyberpunk look, if you ask me! It does come in oodles of lovely colors of BoM tattoo layers. These BoM tattoos are accentuated using Materials HUDs that work with Maitreya, Legacy, Omega (also w/ Tat layer), Reborn, and Slink Redux! Stop by Midnight Order before February 20th and pick yourself up a set, they work really well with so many of the goodies from Mainframe, you’d regret it if you didn’t!

Mainframe Highlights
These items are available at the Mainframe Event until February 13th!


Body Parts



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