It Feels So Good

Violence and silence
Sirens screaming out
Bodies shakin’
Dreams are for taking here
So run for your mothers

We victimize
(I would bleed for you)
I fantasize it’s just you and I
(I would bleed for you)

Hooray, first post of the year! And what a post! First off, I would like to extend my eternal gratitude to the people behind the Mainframe Event for accepting me as one of their bloggers. When I applied, it was more of a whim than much else since I genuinely adore all things cyberpunk and the Mainframe event has been one that I do my best to visit anyway. I wasn’t expecting to be accepted at all and I’m utterly thrilled to be able to contribute to their event in such a fashion, so BIG thanks there!

This picture focuses primarily on two of my favorite Mainframe offerings. The first of those being the Quills & Curiosities Protophase Warmers. These arm warmers are fitted for both Jake and Legacy Male mesh bodies and since the ad says ‘experimentally rigged’, I’d like to say that experiment was a great success with the Legacy body! They move beautifully and there’s no clipping or weird gaps to be seen. The texture work is absolutely spot on as well! These do include a Texture HUD that offers a whopping 10 different textures to choose from! These are definitely a must for any gothy/cyber-y look!

Next up we have [VERBOTEN] which, like Quills & Curiosities, I’d genuinely never heard of before (I know, I’m sorry, I need to get out more again. I promise I’m working on it!).. BUT! Like Quills & Curiosities, they’ve got a customer for life! The D-01 Katana is a delight of simplistic yet intricate design as the mesh is utterly flawless in its elegantly simple curvature, and the texture and effect work really make the whole thing look like you’ve just stepped out of an awesome anime. It includes 2 posed versions; 1 where you’ve got it slung across your shoulders and the other where it hangs at your side like you’re about to cut a bitch.. And a non-posed version as well! There is a FATPACK HUD and a variety of inclusions and options so I highly suggest checking out their vendor at Mainframe and ad image here for further info!

Oh god, I’m actually adding this bit in the last minute after this post went live. I completely forgot to talk about the photo brackground/set! This is also available at the Mainframe Event. *Zeroichi*’s GENSOUKO background set is absolutely gorgeous and a lot of fun to play with. It comes in a variety of colors and lighting styles as well! (Sorry about that, it’s been a while since I needed to credit background pieces T_T)

Mainframe Highlights
These items are available at the Mainframe Event until February 13th!


Body Parts



  • A&Y Inferno Cyber Coat
  • A&Y Nephilim Cyber Pants
  • A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic

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