Ending In Dawn

Will you tell me – See you soon in a while
When my eyes fade please give me your smile
And even dark nights are ending in dawn
You’ll have time to cry when I’m gone

Devour me and fill my heart with courage
Give me wings and camouflage the scar
Rip out my lungs and kill my fever
Bring me back to the alluring grounds of love

I will disband – My heart in your hands

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Mine was pretty chill. Where I live, people don’t really Trick-Or-Treat beyond trunk-or-treats the week before Halloween in the neighborhood church or high school. Yeah, it’s as boring and ridiculous as you might be thinking. Anyway, November is upon us and I’ve got a couple of gorgeous new releases from my amazing sponsors!

First up, we’ve got this incredible mirvet set from cinphul! This beautifully crafted crown and necklace are both available at Cirque Du Mystere but there IS a catch… you have to win the necklace… Or find it. I’m not altogether sure which as I’ve not run the event over there, but if you’re curious I highly encourage you to check out the Cirque Du Mystere website for more information. Anyway, both pieces come with a snazzy texture HUD offering 6 different options for the crown and 6 bone, as well as 4 cord options for the necklace!

Nefekalum Tattoos has contributed the new Warrior tattoo/scar set to November’s round of We ❤ RP. This set includes two options with materials that work with either. The Initiation version is for those freshly marked, of course. While the Legacy version, pictured here, is for us old dogs who’ve seen battle a time or two. In case you weren’t sure, I am not actually wearing the materials layer in today’s photo. You can certainly wear them with the Legacy scars, and it looks pretty cool, but the effect was a bit more weathered than what I was considering in the moment. If you’d prefer a more raw or dogeared look to your scars, I highly suggest using the materials with Legacy. Wearing them with Initiate looks pretty dang cool as well, if I do say so myself (and I do).

Naturally, as with all things Nefekalum Tattoos, the Warrior set includes a variety of HUD options as well as BOM layers. The Appliers include: Omega Evolved, Lelutka Evolutions, Lelutka Evo X, and Catwa.


Body Parts

Crown & Necklace


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