Cherish The Seconds

We’ll remember distant times and places
We’ll remember summer sun that yields
Shed our bodies heart and soul for love’s sake
Civilizations wax and wane.

Innocence will fade away like Autumn
Likewise the dream of youth, the task
And we shall be at peace upon our parting
With the thoughts of loved ones in our hearts

The mystique hairstick set from cinphul is utterly exquisite in its detail and texture work. Each of the 14 individual pieces can be worn separately, all together (pictured), or you can mix and match your favorites for endless different looks! They are modifiable or you can use the built-in resize script if that’s easier for you. The included texture HUD offers yet more range with its 5 unique metal textures as well! I’ve no doubt you can find a myriad of fun, creative ways to wear this incredible set of hair accessories, whether you’re just looking for something fun to add to an afternoon’s up-do or you’re going for something hauntingly fancy!


Body Parts



  • Gorsimi – Amore Shadows (EvoX Appliers)


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