Tonight, we’re summoned for a divine cause
Remembrance, no, but for their future loss

This chapel of ritual
Smells of dead human sacrifices form the altar…

Beduins and Nomads
Carried through the times
Through pestilences and famines
These ancient scrolls of rhymes

Our fallen angel vexed
Was banished from the sky
Recite now, from the text
And pray for all to die

Well hello there! It’s been a while. I know, I keep trying my best to get the ball rolling again with the blog and then RL happens. This time my computer gave up the ghost in September and it took most of my savings and a good bit of time to get a new one since I need it for work.. and just as I was recovering from that mess my RL significant other suddenly became incredibly ill (NOT COVID) and had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. They pulled through the surgery but it’s a very long road to recovery. They’ve spent the better part of the last while in the hospital and I’ve been doing my best to keep everything together and keep their spirits up. Thankfully, they’ve been cleared to return home but that road to recovery is still stretching out before us for the foreseeable future. Things are still going to be rocky for a little while as the majority of my time is spent tending to them, working, and just generally trying to keep myself from fully transforming into a literal ball of stress, BUT hopefully things should slowly start to get back to normal over the next month or so. And yes, I’m extremely upset that I’ve missed the majority of early Halloween/October goodies and events, but that’s life and RL must come first above all else. Especially in situations like these.

I would like to thank my two remaining sponsors for their kind patience during this time. It truly means the world to me that they chose not to drop me while I was tending to RL.

After finally managing to carve out some time to spend in SL the other day, I actually got enough spoons together to manage a picture for the first time in nearly two whole months. I feel so out of practice, but here’s hoping I can jimmy things back into some semblance of a routine soon and get back on track!

Today’s photo both features, and is inspired by Nefekalum Tattoos‘ incredible Summoned set. This pack is available at Necrotize starting TODAY (Oct. 20th) and running until Nov. 20th! It offers a set of 4 exquisitely detailed color options, each with beautifully done materials layers that truly evoke a sense of sulfuric damnation when worn in a properly lit area. The eyes included with each set carry over that sensation, as if the interior of the creature that you have become bears these same markings as the other world has marked its creatures both inside and out. As if that wasn’t enough, the tattoo sets come in two versions; With Sigils (pictured) and without, and a lovely little mesh accessory is also included to complete the look!

Nefekalum Tattoos has included a number of options to suit most mesh bodies in this set including: Omega Evolved, Maitreya, Lelutka Evo, Lelutka EvoX, Catwa, and Slink Redux Materials HUDs. As well as Lelutka EvoX and Legacy full (Tattoo & Materials) Applier HUDs. And, of course, Bakes on Mesh system layers. The eyes come with Lelutka and Omega Applier HUDs!

Cinphul‘s contribution to today’s photograph comes in the form of the massive yet intricately detailed syrus [moon] crown! This actually comes in a set with a sun option, for those of you who are more inclined to Helios than Selene. I’ve always been a moon worshiper, myself, so the choice was a simple one. These are available at the cinphul main store and the pack does most definitely include a texture HUD. This HUD offers 2 main metal options for the crown itself, as well as 4 lovely options for the Sun or Moon centerpiece. All in all, it’s a stunning accessory and I think it would certainly be a necessity for some of you medifantasy RPers out there. You know who you are ❤


  • Magika – Morticia – Available at C88 until Nov. 8th!

Body Parts


Tattoo & Eyes

Cute Little Planet Accessory


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