Everybody Knows

Guess you’ll have to tell her how I tried
To speak up thoughts I’ve held so inside
Tell her now I got to go
Out in the streets and down the shore
Tell her the world’s not much living for
It’s better by you better than me

The Essence pack is a lovely collaborative effort between Nefekalum Tattoos and the incredibly talented Plastik. Combining their unique artistic abilities, these two creative power houses have concocted a set of truly beautiful opera-glove style tattoos! Available in tons of gorgeous styles, these tattoo packs are available in both Light and Dark options to suit the two polarities within most creative minds out there. After all, what’s the saying? There are two RPers within you; One is a sparkly pastel fairy, the other is a brooding dark demon. That’s it right? Or maybe that’s just me…

Each pack contains 6 exquisitely detailed options, with HUDs for Omega Evolved, Maitreya, Legacy, SLink Redux. They also include BoM only versions! Pick them up today through September 18th at this round of The Warehouse Sale!


Body Parts





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