I Remember Everything

The world is not big enough for the both of us
The gods have spoken
The gods have spoken

Come, take my hand, let me show you the empire you created
Agrippina, mother of snakes and fire
My blood is your blood
And it shall live forever
Forever through time

Cinphul has once again delved into the Realm of the Old Ones and harvested the finest of Beasts for their flesh to craft a fantastic for the beautifully twisted Fashionistas across the grid! The rage || jacket is the perfect blend of Punk and Horror genres and it is truly a conversation piece. Especially if that conversation is ‘BOW BEFORE MY BADASSERY, LOWLY HUMAN, FOR I AM MESSENGER OF THE ELDER GODS AND I COME TO INFORM YOU OF YOUR IMPENDING DOOM!


This incredible jacket is sized for Legacy M+F, Belleza Jake, Maitreya, and Kupra! It also comes with a fantastic HUD that offers a multitude of texture options for the teeth(claws?) and metal ties that adorn the jacket itself. It’s currently available for the August/September round of The Warehouse Sale, so pick it and its matching thong up there before September 18th!

Also included in this shot is Nefekalum Tattoos‘ Spirit, which is a free BOM tattoo available as their gift for this round of The Warehouse Sale! All the more reason to head over and grab some goodies! This Tattoo is Bakes on Mesh only and includes 3 different versions!


Body Parts





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