Drag Me Into Place

Now shut your dirty mouth
If I could burn this town
I wouldn’t hesitate
To smile while you suffocate and die
And that would be just fine
And what a lovely time, that it would surely be
So bite your tongue
And choke yourself to sleep

Topography is a beautiful series of materials enabled upper body tattoos, brought to you by the indomitable Nefekalum Tattoos for a shockingly low price thanks to the Humpday Sale on August 25th! That’s right, these beautiful tattoos are available in their main store location for a delightfully affordable price, so cover your nethers with something vaguely opaque and exit the skybox you’ve been refusing to leave for the last few weeks, you do NOT want to miss the bargain on this gorgeous collection!

The pack itself includes 3 absolutely beautifully detailed color options! I chose the “Gradient” version for my photo because the combination of softer hues set within the wicked blackness that dominates the piece positively tickled my neurons. The materials really make the entire piece pop, adding the depth and detail that Nefekalum has developed a name for. This pack does include versions for Omega Evolved, Maitreya, Legacy, Slink, and of course Bakes on Mesh!


Body Parts


  • {-MK-}&V. – Don’t open… _blood (black)




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