Let’s Fly Away

Once I get you up there
Where the air is rarefied
We’ll just glide
Once I get you up there
I’ll be holding you so near
You may hear
Angels cheer, ’cause we’re together

Just a quick post today since my health’s doing silly things right now. Don’t worry about that though, it’ll pass. What will also pass, if you don’t jump on it ASAP is this lovely vest from TwoSided! Their brand new Drew Shirt is now available exclusively for the Man Only Hunt by Flair For Events! It’s available until the 30th of August and includes a delightful texture HUD that offers a variety of outer patterns and interior hues. The HUD also allows you to select the transparency of the vest, which is a very unique feature that I’ve had a lot of fun playing with! It also comes in a variety of sizes including Legacy M, Lara Flatchest, Signature Gianni, V-Tech Lara, and Belleza Jake! So fly away down to TwoSided’s main store to join the hunt today!


Body Parts


  • TwoSided – Shirt Drew – Available for the Man Only Hunt which runs from August 7th – 30th!

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