I Am A Fool

I said make me love myself so that I might love you
Don’t make me a liar, ’cause I swear to god
When I said it I thought it was true

It’s rare that I’m inspired to do such a minimalist photograph… but these tempest ii earrings from cinphul… oh my god. Not only are they modeled by a guy on the vendor photo, something that delights me to no end, but they are absolutely beautiful. A lovely balance between delicate, in the slim chain that connects both pendulous ends, and hefty, in the charms that dangle from said chain. It catches the light thanks to artfully crafted materials, swaying lightly with each movement. Yes, you read that right, these are animated dangle earrings! I have to admit, I saw the ad and the general design and jumped on them, I wasn’t expecting the way they subtly sway to and fro and, at first, thought my brain was playing tricks on me. It took several minutes of sitting here, squinting at them, to decide that I was not actually losing my mind.

These earrings are not rigged, thankfully, and they can be used with any ears, mesh or otherwise. They include a very nice texture HUD that offers 5 different texture options. And they’re also scripted to be resized, for those of you that are squeamish about hand-editing things. They’re also Mod, so if you prefer that kind of thing you’re good to go as well!


Body Parts


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