He Has Risen Up

Black forces
Rage in a vortex, fighting
Rays of destruction swallowing
The echo of the universe
I am the last
Born of the blood of the pharaohs
The ultimate god of my creation
Sent to unleash this curse

Have you ever wished to wrap yourself in the glistening flesh of a Lovecraftian Horror Beast? Well, have I got the outfit for you! Cinphul‘s Council of Flesh dress and Boots are truly a sight to behold. Their materials layers and texturing gives them the appearance of being recently alive in all their horrifying glory. Slick and uncanny in their creepiness, both are adorned in the teeth and/or claws of the creature they are crafted from.. if they are crafted at all and you aren’t simply wearing the flesh of some nightmare being that has graciously allowed itself to be wrapped around you for the moment in some kind of sick game of patience before it devours the wearer or hauls them screaming into a realm of Elder Gods and non-Euclidean geometry…

Ahem.. Sold separately, the Dress does include a little “modesty piece”, if you don’t have any problem with nightmare monster flesh over your naughty bits. Both pieces are fitted for the Legacy F & M shapes, as well as Belleza Jake, Kupra, and Maitreya. They both include 2 separate HUDs, one boasting 7 textures of varying fleshy hues and the other 7 textures of surprisingly realistic claw/bone. If you aren’t convinced that you need these by my photos, I highly suggest stopping by the July/August round of Midnight Order and at least trying out the demo, it’s genuinely an incredible set and I’m positive you’ll be shocked by the sheer level of detail cinphul has worked into this piece!

By a delightful stroke of luck, Nefekalum Tattoos decided to release this lovely scaled piece into Midnight Order as well and, in my opinion, these two pieces complement one another beautifully. Sobek is an upper body and facial tattoo that no Naga or Scaly Demon should live without, in my opinion. The scales are artfully crafted across the chest and down the arms, with a materials layer that allows each to shimmer beautifully in any lighting. The facial scales themselves are exquisitely delicate and, as you can see from the shots included, don’t slack in the materials department either!

In their generous fashion, Nefekalum Tattoos has included Sobek in Black and Gold hues. Appliers for Legacy, Maitreya, Omega Evolved, and Slink Redux are included alongside a set of BoM layers. For the face, they’ve also included Lelutka Evo X, Evolution, and Catwa applier HUDs, as well as BoM layers. The large Halo shown in the photograph is also included in both Black and Gold styles.


Body Parts


Tattoo & Halo

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