Beneath My Skin

Even through the darkest phase
Be it thick or thin
Always someone marches brave
Here beneath my skin

July has been a crazy month, but I’ve finally been able to sit down and dig into this incredible pack from Nefekalum Tattoos! Their item for this month’s round of We ❤ RP is a genuine delight. Archaic is, honestly, anything but. It offers all of the SL modern amenities including a multitude of color options, Materials HUDs for Legacy, Omega, Maitreya, and Slink, BoM layers, and a Mesh Halo!!

I’m a sucker for angelic nonsense, so when I saw this, I just had to grab a photo as soon as I could find the time. The Halo, like its tattoo counterpart, exquisitely captures the light, allowing its Materials to add a depth to it that breathes a whole new meaning into its very structure. The Tattoo itself coils and twists about the torso like exquisite filigree that is genuinely breathtaking in each hue. I’m particularly fond of silver, myself, and the finer detailing of the tattoo matches the metallic texture of the halo perfectly, as you can see in the attached photograph. I highly suggest anyone out there that enjoys RPing those of the Angelic Host, with good or ill intent, check these out. You will absolutely love it!


Body Parts



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