Giving Into The Absence

Existence from indifference
Sentiment to apathy
Consuming a past moving all too fast
As it’s slowly consuming me

Before we start dissecting this outfit, I would like to announce my newest Sponsor: TwoSided!
As most of you are painfully aware by now, I’ve always been drawn to less generic fashion choices. Skirts, corsets, and other goodies that are considered ‘alternative’ for men have delighted me since long before I decided to join this metaverse. So, naturally, as the lovely mesh work of Sunny Flowers (ljutaptica) started to pop up on my radar, I kept an eye on her and her creations. I’ve been wooed a time or two by creators that toss a guy skirt out only to immediately stop making them and genuinely hoped to see something more from them. I certainly wasn’t disappointed as TwoSided seems to release most of their attire for both masculine and feminine physiques, especially when it comes to dresses and skirts. At last, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and stopped by to drop my name in their blogotex, in the hopes that someday they might do me the honor of making me a blogger.. and only a short while later, I received their response. So, here I am, just the happiest weird demonic albino queer thing on the grid! I’m looking forward to assaulting you all on the regular with imagery of my pasty weird butt clad in TwoSided finery, I hope you are too!

Today’s spotlight piece is TwoSided’s Hologram Dress Morgan Wells which, I may be wrong, but might be a homage to the great designer behind Morgan Wells Drag Closet, as its skin tight keyhole and flared mermaid skirt design is beautifully reminiscent of many of the designs found there. Don’t worry, ladies, because not only is this exquisite gown built for us Masc. individuals, offering sizes in Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, and Legacy Male, but it’s also available in multiple Feminine sizes as well! These include Freya V-tech and Lara Flatchest/V-tech/Petite!

The Hologram Dress lives up to its name with a complex and delightfully sparkly materials layer that glitters and shimmers with each step taken in direct light! I was genuinely surprised by the sheer amount of work put into the materials layer for this gown and delighted in flashing lights at it until I got the ideal shot. But wait, there’s more.. as they say, because this beautiful piece comes complete with a lovely texture HUD that offers 6 different textures and a bonus seventh, just for Pride, if you’re looking to embody the LGBTQ+ Rainbow itself! I would’ve taken a shot of that but I was far too deep in my element with this slinky black texture. Perhaps another time.

This piece is currently available at TwoSided’s main store, and please do keep an eye out for info on their 2021 Pride Photo Contest. It’ll be going on from June 20th through June 31st and I hear the prizes are pretty awesome!

Accompanying our spotlight piece today is cinphul’s Salacia crown and epaulettes. These have been united and made available for the SL18B celebration! And, as you can see, they are utterly gorgeous, each sporting a cascading string of pearls that catch the light perfectly. The Texture HUDs included with each offer 4 very stunningly detailed Antler textures as well as two texture options for the pearls themselves.

And, last but certainly not least is Nefekalum Tattoos’ Humpday contribution for June 23rd! Forbidden will be available throughout the day at Nefekalum’s main store location. It sports 7 different color options, each with a corresponding Materials layer. Like all Nefekalum goodies this set includes HUDs for Omega Evolved, Lelutka Evolutions, Lelutka Evo X, and Catwa. It also includes BoM versions of each tattoo!


Body Parts


  • TwoSided – Hologram dress Morgan Wells



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