Make Me Lose Myself

All limits are clear, so begin the simulation
Bodies in motion tend towards stimulation
It’s my turn to feel a little restricted
To be submissive as the pleasure’s inflicted
Get what’s coming to me, and maybe duly
I’ll know what it’s like to be the other truly

GASP! Are multiple photos per post going to be a regular thing now?!
I.. have no idea. Probably?

The fact of the matter is both of these pieces are utterly gorgeous and I couldn’t pick one angle over the other, so I chose to use both!

Nefekalum TattoosHerald tattoo/scarification set really left its mark on me! Three variations are included in the set, I’m wearing the Carved version in my photos, mostly because I’m a sucker for artistic scarification and deep red looks so yummy on pale skin, don’t you think? The other two options, beautifully illustrated in their vendor image are a deliciously ‘healed’ version called Marked, I’m assuming as the mark has had time to set and heal properly, and an exquisite version called Inlay, as it appears as though a gold inlay has been applied to the markings themselves. Both are absolutely sublime and I have every intention of wearing the hell out of all three in the future.

All current products from Nefekalum Tattoos cater to most popular mesh bodies for both men and women. They include Maitreya, Legacy, and Slink Redux material HUDs, as well as Omega Evolved, and of course BOM versions of each. The materials really make each piece pop, adding a dose of depth and shine to each piece that genuinely sets them ahead of the curve!

Draping over this look is a shockingly artistic rendering of a decorative length of chain that coils sensually about the masculine frame in ways I’ve honestly never seen before. Especially RIGGED! That’s right cinphul‘s amazing Hypnos chain set includes not one but Two different Rigged versions! Ladies, don’t feel left out, cinphul adores you as well and has made sure that this twisted set of steel accessories includes a female version as well as a male one.

Not only does this set include the primary torso chain, but a pair of twisted bracelets and some utterly gorgeous earrings as well! I highly suggest checking out their vendor image for further details. And, of course, we can’t forget the Texture HUD! In classic cinphul style, a comprehensive texture hud has been included which offers a pleasant variety of options to choose from in three metallic hues!

Both of these items can be found at The Warehouse Sale (at a generous discount) until June 18th! So, I highly suggest heading over to snag them ASAP!

Also, for those of you concerned about the Avatar Rendering Cost. I checked mine and, wearing just the rigged torso chains, it only went up about 1k. Wearing the rigged torso chains, wrist cuffs, and earrings, it only went up about 6k. Which, considering the max number on the firestorm Avatar Complexity slider is 300,000, is pretty dang amazing. So these should be wearable… pretty much anywhere. Don’t let people whine at you about causing lag then they’re the ones wearing 8 million scripts that’re all on at once, and you’re just wearing a gorgeous accessory or five!


Body Parts

  • LeLUTKA Skyler Head
  • [LEGACY] Meshbody (m)
  • Fantasy Bento B.O.M. Ears Pack I&II (With Earrings) + {Aii} – VIP Group Gift!



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