Hanging From That Hope

A whisper in the darkness
In the quiet it’ll grow
You try to hide it in the farthest place
But everybody knows

This outfit… oh my god. I know I usually don’t chatter on about something unless it’s created by a sponsor but oh my god would you just look at this outfit?! Val’More has been on my radar for some months now. Sometime last year I was hunting for a long trenchcoat type thing for a roleplay character and that hunt landed me squarely in their little shop. I have never in my short time here in SL (1 year as of last month!) seen coats done quite like Val’More does them. The rigging is very good, I’ve never had any awkward clipping with their items… but the materials! Their grasp of materials is utter perfection and their Cyberhacker outfit that they have out at Cyber Fair this month is a shining example of just how incredible their creativity is! It includes both the coat and pants in one pack, alongside a nifty little HUD that offers 5 texture options for the jacket and 3 for the pants themselves. If you use the male shapes from Legacy, Belleza, or Signature, and you’re even remotely into goth or cyberpunk styles, you will seriously be kicking yourself if you don’t run and grab this incredible set ASAP!

I’ve garnished the Cyberhacker outfit with one of Nefekalum Tattoo‘s many beautiful offerings over at the Skin Fair this month. The Dust makeup set is beautifully delicate, boasting a digital-esque scattering of glitter just beneath the eyes and a dramatic slash of color splitting the bottom lip. It comes in a pack of 6 different Bake On Mesh options. It also includes materials appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega! It’s just delicate enough to work for just about anything, whether it’s a roleplay character or a bit of flair to your event attire, and the color options make it a breeze to coordinate with just about anything!


Body Parts



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