I’m A Little Twisted

My mother, she told me, “Don’t get in trouble”
My father, he told me he knew I would
My brothers, they told me, “Don’t give a damn”
My sister, she told me to do something good

I’m uncontrollable, emotional, chaotically proportional
I’m visceral, reloadable
I’m crazy

This look was a lot of fun. Not just because the beautiful cinphul hellguard crown gave me an excuse to go hair shopping, but because it’s so very tall and sits so precisely atop one’s head that it was a unique challenge to figure out how to photograph it without just releasing a shot of the top of my head! But, I think I managed it pretty well in the end, don’t you?

All nonsense aside, this crown is utterly gorgeous. It comes with its own texture HUD that offers a variety of different textures to match many of cinphul’s other glorious creations, and the mesh work is just utterly stunning. It does come with its own pin to keep the crown in place against a topknot style bun, as I’ve illustrated in my photo, but I’m sure if you’re not into that kind of thing there’s a myriad of unique ways such an intriguing piece can be worn!

Paired with cinphul’s hellguard crown is Nefekalum Tattoos’ Corvus facial makeup and Neon Sacrifice Eyes. The Corvus makeup does come in four different BoM styles, with materials appliers for LeLutka, Omega, and Catwa. And those gorgeous Neon Sacrifice eyes come in a pack of 5 different hues with Lelutka and Omega appliers, as well as stand alone mesh eyes if you just want to pop something in, mix and match, and go on your way! These are all exquisitely textured, the materials play off the makeup beautifully, and I must say they complement cinphul’s style incredibly well!


  • DOUX – Angela Hairstyle

Body Parts



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