Wanna Feel Like Your Loverboy

Sorry it’s late, I know I missed your call again
Been tryin’ to change, got stuck in my ways again
I been feelin’ faded, disconnected lately
Missing what money can’t buy
All I wanna do is be brand new
I swear I’ll give it all up just for you

It’s always refreshing to find a designer that isn’t afraid to make flowy items that actually fit men. One of the primary reasons that I applied to blog for Dreamcatcher was the amazing skirt that they created some time ago. Since then, I’ve been delighted by their creativity and ever looking forward to their next male-specific release. Today’s post highlights Dreamcatcher’s Victor- Male Yukata. A tantalizing piece of rigged mesh that leaves just enough to the imagination to keep things interesting, yet shows enough to keep things spicy. Fitted for Legacy and Belleza, this piece comes with Dreamcatcher’s traditional MASSIVE HUD OF TEXTURE OPTIONS which offers 8 textures and tints for your pleasure. Wear it at home, wear it to a special event, wear it moments before stripping it off to bear all. This is a must have for any fellow looking for something comfy enough to lounge about in yet sexy enough to keep all eyes on you!


Body Parts



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