Light As A Feather

You were in my dream last night, but your face was someone else’s
A twitch in my spine, a mutual disorder
Isolation neophyte, too afraid to taste your conscience
You march in the dark, little lamb to the slaughter

I have a confession to make… I’m not overwhelmingly fond of ‘stand alone earrings’ in Second Life. As you might’ve guessed by now, I adore pointy ears, especially those with oodles of pretty jewelry attached. I have a MASSIVE collection of them, I should probably seek counseling, honestly. BUT when I saw these delightfully grotesque and entirely unique Witch’s Hand earrings from my lovely sponsor Dreamcatcher, I just had to play with them!

The mesh work is really impressive, coupled with a detailed texture that genuinely looks realistic once you cam up close to it. Of course, they come with a fantastic texture HUD that includes textures for the hand itself, the teeny tiny ring it’s wearing, and the metal bits. I was genuinely surprised by how many texture options were included! The post for the earring actually goes all the way through your earlobe as well, for a much more natural look, if you’re a nitpicker like myself. And the overall effect is just.. creepy and imaginative, fantastic for Modern or Medieval fantasy Roleplay! I bet you could write an entire short story about how your character came to have a pair of tiny severed hands they’ve made into earrings. At least, I plan to!

My makeup and eyes in this piece are creations of the indomitable Nefekalum Tattoos, naturally. The Nekhbet makeup offers a fascinating duality with its harsh, yet beautifully cut eyeliner that, with the help of the materials layer, seems to slice directly into the bridge of your nose for a delightfully austere effect. That, coupled with the fade that creeps upwards across the wearer’s forehead gives the wearer a uniquely Unseelie look, if I do say so myself. This effect is only amplified when paired with the eyes from Nefekalum’s Eden set. The glow of the eyes is entirely photoshop, but they are exquisite without such effects as well!

I’ve paired these fun little earrings and makeup with the Ankh choker from Hotdog, which does come with both Rigged and Unrigged options. The rigged version IS rigged to both your neck and chest, however, so it distorts wildly as soon as you turn your head. The unrigged version is fantastic, though if you have a very active AO, like myself, you might need to lift the ankh itself up a tiny bit (They’re Mod/Copy and the ankh is its own piece) so it doesn’t cut through anywhere odd, but that’s simple enough via ‘Edit Linked Parts’. It’s a beautiful piece and, while Hotdog isn’t (currently) a Sponsor, I figured I’d let y’all know!


Body Parts


  • Hotdog – Ankh choker
  • DREAMCATCHER // Witch’s hands – errings – Available at We ❤ RP until March 1st!


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