Kindred Ribbons

Surf the golden waves
On silken highways
Painting flowing braids
In sunken byways

Spacious flow embolden
Ever climbing
Gracious moments hold us

Whether you’re traversing the desert wastelands of a post apocalyptic world or ruling a cybernetic metropolis, this unique set from cinphul may just be what you need to complete your look! This set comes complete with a mask, long rigged veil/shawl, and a unique headpiece that.. honestly reminds me of a certain Star Trek: TNG episode. Nerdy nonsense aside, this set includes a texture HUD that works for both the type of metal on both the headdress and mask, as well as the color of fabric used for the veil. It does not, however, control the texture of the little lights affixed to the metal pieces, but as they’re both modifiable, it’s easy enough to change to suit whatever you need!


Body Parts



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