You Tell Me

Say you need to rest but go
Snort a line a little bit
Then you think you own the world
But you can’t control your fit

I’ve combined all three of my lovely sponsors today in this photo. First off, cinphul‘s offering for this round of Midnight Order is a beautifully delicate set of hair pins. The Spider Lily ribbon and flower pins come together with a massive texture HUD that allows control of both the color of the flowers/ribbons, as well as control of the hair pin metal itself. The ribbons are not flexi or rigged, but the way they’ve been sculpted in mesh truly seems to give them a life of their own all the same. The organic curvature of the ribboning is exquisite, as is the delicate nature of the flowers themselves.

Nefekalum Tattoos has released the Eden set of eye makeup AND applier eyes into their shop in recent weeks. These eyes… Can I just take a minute and squee over the fact that they’ve begun releasing eyes a little more frequently? I love unique and original eye designs, especially if they’re a bit darker in nature and Nefekalum Tattoos hits the nail on the head every single time! They’re utterly gorgeous and come in a set of 7 different color options on both Omega and for LeLUTKA eyes. The makeup itself is something I’ve never quite seen before when it comes to style, I personally quite enjoy it, and it comes as basically a nice little BoM freebie alongside a truly incredible collection of eye appliers. I should point out that, unlike most of Nefekalum’s other tattoo/makeup items, the makeup that comes in the Eden pack has no materials of its own, but it’s such a heavy handed dark underliner that it really works beautifully without any shine.

Lastly, I’ve included Dreamcatcher‘s second addition to the Stone and Rose choker that they released into the Jail Event earlier this month. This lovely choker comes with an extensive texture HUD that controls the textures for every part of it, including the teeny metal bits. The textures are a bit dark but, frankly, I like them that way! These chokers do come as a set and I think they’d work really well for any goth or fantasy (or gothic fantasy) outfit. God knows, I’m a sucker for chokers and they’ll likely make an appearance in a few of my darker looks as I slink around the grid!


Body Parts

Makeup & Eyes


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