Here We Go

All the problems make me wanna go
Like a bad girl straight to video
Little darling welcome to the show
You’re a failure played in stereo

Today I have two gems from my incredible Sponsor over at cinphul! The Playbunneh set includes a variety of goodies, don’t think my pic even begins to do it justice. Each piece corresponds to a HUGE texture/color change HUD that offers a variety of textures for the main metal panels and a practically endless color change selector for the glowy bits. I honestly had quite a bit of fun just tinkering with the HUD for a good half an hour before I realized I should probably get on with it and grab a photo!

I’ve paired the Playbunneh set with one of cinphul’s more recent releases – The isolde skybox. This thing clocks in at about 100 land impact at its original size. It’s a great addition to any science fiction themed build, especially if you’re going for a more dystopian look. You can walk along the platform inside of it, I just thought it was much more fun to hang from the ceiling with a custom pose I fiddled out in Black Dragon. This is definitely a ridiculous amount of fun, it’s great for photos, roleplay, or just having somewhere unique to hang around in now and then.

Body Parts


  • AITUI – Alpha Pants – Night (Belleza Jake. Despite these being a recent release the ‘TMP’ version does Not fit Legacy! Idk why they’re fitting pants to a defunct mesh body. Much sadness)
  • Semller – Platform Brit Boots Black



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