Let Me Inside

Set the pace
Body lace
I can’t fight my hunger

I just need to hold on
This feeling’s not gone
You’re all that I want
And we could be bound
If you want the crown
Come with me now

What can I say about Skye over at Nefekalum Tattoos that I haven’t said a hundred times before? The guy’s got some crazy talent for tattoos. I know, I know, I have a soft spot for his work and I use it nearly every chance I can get but hey, it’s amazing and if you haven’t checked him out, you really should! Today’s highlight is Nefekalum’s Hunger facial tattoo. It’s beautifully delicate, how he managed to avoid it warping or distorting is anyone’s guess (Mine is that he has some kind of pact with some type of omnipotent entity), and it even has Materials like all the rest of the gorgeous tattoos you can find over at Nefekalum Tattoos! It does come with some unique eye overlays and I’ll most definitely be including those in a future shot, so keep an eye (hur) out!


Body Parts



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