I’ll Show You My Shadows

Crawl into my heart, take me apart
Do what you please to me, I won’t resist
Find what you’re seeking, I am not leaving
‘Til I am drunk, loved up, bitten, and kissed

I always get so excited whenever cinphul releases another work of art. Today’s items are the Roselle hairstick & necklace pack, which is available sold together for Anxious Weekend. This main store event runs until the end of the 20th of September at which time the two will be sold separately, so get them before the end and save a little on this gorgeous duo!

The Leech navel ring will be available for only 69L$ in the cinphul main store Friday September 18th. It’s genuinely the most unique belly ring I’ve ever seen and it, as well as the hair pin and necklace, compliment cinphul’s other creations perfectly. Pair the look with the Harajah heels from Whore Couture and the Furrow brow… accessory (still not quite sure what to call that but it’s awesome) and you’ve got the perfect set of accessories to take over the galaxy!


Body Parts



  • cinphul // roselle [hairstick] & [necklace] – Available for 100L$ for Anxious weekend. Ends Sept. 20th at cinphul’s main store!
  • cinphul // leach [belly ring]
  • PENDULUM – SOMNUS lip ring (Group Gift)
  • PENDULUM – HYDRUS (Group Gift)
  • PENDULUM – JUVIUS (Group Gift)

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