Craving The Chaos

They say the heart is just vanity
Not like I loved you at all
If they can’t see
The real me
They can’t cut me off
I don’t want anything
Not if I can’t have it all
So let’s turn up
Burn up
Make sure we dissolve

My incredible sponsor cinphul is releasing a very unique piece, as is their custom, into the 101L$ event which kicks off on the 19th of September. Furrow is a deliciously detailed nose and brow accessory… I have no idea what else to call it other than ‘awesome’ which isn’t exactly a noun, but I digress. The materials are positively divine, each ridge and twist catching the light and adding incredible depth to the piece. Is it some kind of alien jewelry? A growth unique to your otherworldly species? Or maybe it’s just some weird bauble you’ve collected in your mystical travels. The story is there for anyone willing to bring it to life! Personally? I think it’s just what my more demonic character needed to bring the whole look together!


Body Parts


Tattoos & Makeup

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