All of This For You

And I descend from grace
In arms of undertow
I will take my place
In the great below

My incredible sponsor cinphul has released the delightfully disturbing temperance [mask] into September’s round of Cyber Fair in SL and I highly suggest checking it out. When I first saw it, it reminded me of Half Life for some reason, as well as the classic cult horror film ‘Event Horizon’. If you, dear reader, have seen the film or played the games you might know what I’m talking about. The visceral nature of the fleshy texture is genuinely unsettling and makes those around you wonder whether the pieces that seem to hold it in place are indeed keeping this alien orifice firmly attached to your face… or perhaps it’s peeling back your outer layers to reveal what lies beneath. Are you a monster or merely enjoying the aesthetic? It’s up to you!


Body Parts

Tattoos & Makeup


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