What Comes After

Feeding frenzy is in my brain
I’m hopeful every day
I gotta get it while we are still young enough to break
We’re finally not afraid

Today’s post is featuring two of cinphul’s creations! The cinphul // harajah [abstract heels] come fitted to Belleza, Maitreya, Signature, Slink, and also offer an unrigged copy as well for the rest of us. The incredible HUD that comes included in the pack offers a wide variety of texture options to suit even the most ostentatious alien overlord among you. They are currently (as of Sept. 1st 2020) available exclusively at this round of Whore Couture!

Taking up the background of the shot we have an invasion of cinphul’s caviar [alien decor set]. This set offers a few different color/texture options with low, medium, and high LOD for whatever your needs may be. Personally, I thought they made some incredible alien ships but frankly, they’d make a pretty stunning conversational piece as well.

Both items come with cinphul’s own unique mesh detailing and materials that bring Imokon’s creations to life, though whether or not you’d want to live somewhere such gloriously disturbing items exist is entirely up to you. Personally? I say bring it on.


Alien Invaders

  • cinphul // caviar [alien decor set]

Body Parts


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