Angels and Skylines

I feel the pages turning
I see the candle burning down
Before my eyes, before my wild eyes
I feel you holding me
Tighter, I cannot see
When will we finally breathe?

Absolutely Huge thanks to Venge, formerly Vengeful Threads, for seeing something unique in my style and deciding I’m worthy of supporting their brand! I was so delighted to get the message this morning that I’d been accepted as one of their new bloggers I just couldn’t wait to play with their goodies!

Today’s post features Venge’s gorgeous Stiletto Nails and the brand new Monet Applier which is available at the Salon 52 event until September 8th. These nails are Bento mesh and currently (As of 8/24/20) fitted to both the Maitreya and Legacy Classic F bodies. They are positively delightful and, in my experience with mesh nails, pretty unique in that every Venge applier allows you to change each nail individually so you can mix and match colors or even styles from different Venge appliers. I highly suggest checking these out if you’re into that sort of thing, they’re super affordable and delightfully pointy!


Body Parts


  • VENGE – Maitreya – Stiletto Nails
  • VENGE – ‘ Monet ‘ Stiletto Nail Applier – Available at Salon 52 Til Sept. 8th 2020


  • :[P]:– Twovember Fauxe-Potter


  • ZK – Mekata Collar Choker Diamond

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