My Redemption

The gods await
Divine creation sprouts from your lands
Invocation of mother earth
My ancestors will reign again

Featuring two fascinating items from my amazing sponsor- cinphul – this photo was a fun one to concoct and create in photoshop. As much as I love feeling challenged by a piece, I love it even more when a piece is so delightfully unique that it inspires something within me that absolutely must find life somehow through my photography. The cinphul prst.comdr set is definitely one of those inspirational pieces, which is quite an understatement.

The prst.comdr set is actually part of a much larger ‘outfit’ which includes several pieces that will no doubt be appearing in a future photograph of mine. They come in multiple color options including a psychedelic rainbow style. As with all cinphul pieces both the prst.comdr set and the carnal horns are both incredibly well detailed in mesh. Their materials bring out every bump and groove with exquisite precision. If you’re tired of the usual horns and demonesque attire in SL this is definitely something you should look into!

Bracers & Collar


Body Parts



Tattoos & Makeup

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