You Should See Me In A Crown

I’m gonna run this nothing town
Watch me make ’em bow
One by one by, one



Body Parts



*Like most men in Second Life that desire a more interesting wardrobe than ‘streetwear’ or ‘suits’ 24/7/365, I’ve decided to occasionally include a slightly more svelte look in my kit with the help of Maitreya and V-tech so that I can fit into a wider range of attire. This does not mean this is going to become the new norm for me as I genuinely prefer my Legacy over literally everything else and will continue to do my best to force my style onto it whenever possible. Nor does it mean I have any intent in ending my advocacy for more clothing options out there for the Legacy male body (or other male bodies for that matter). It just means sometimes I want to wear a goddamn skirt or something else fun (like this amazing chain harness) and as much as I love the tiny handful of designers that have enough awareness to realize that sometimes guys like that kind of shit, I would prefer a slightly wider variety of brands to choose from.

That said, I’m also attempting to figure out mesh so if anyone out there wants to take pity on me and help me better understand the ways of mesh clothing creation please let me know! I also accept links to tutorials and whatnot if you happen to have any. Just reach out to me in world or via Flickrmail! Thank you! ❤

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