Set Me Free

In this city of dreams
Push my mind into overload

I am proud to announce my very first official sponsor! When I applied to join the ranks of cinphul’s bloggers, I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I’m new to the blogger community in SL and I’d never so much as purchased any of Imokon’s amazing creations despite admiring the creativity and unique nature of them on Flickr for a time. I admitted this on the application and filed it away without a second thought. So you’ll imagine my surprise and delight when I woke up this morning to a notification from Blogotex that my application was accepted and I am now one of cinphul’s new bloggers!

Needless to say, I am incredibly excited to integrate cinphul’s intriguing designs into my photography. Many of them hint at the dream realms of HR Giger and Bladerunner, two realms that are very close to my heart. So expect some fun photos in the future as I do my very best to bring Imokon’s wonderful creations to life and do them the justice they deserve!

Today’s post features cinphul’s Holopins [Modular Neon Kanzashi] and their Holofan which, as I’m sure you can guess, will be more clearly featured in a future photograph. Both of these items come with an easy to use HUD that includes a rainbow of color change options as well as the ability to control shine, full bright, glow, and other such things. These items are also manually modifiable if you know your way around the Edit menu in Second Life. They do all say they’re ‘no mod’ but that’s just because the textures inside them aren’t modifiable, the mesh itself is entirely adjustable though I do highly suggest making a copy of any modifiable item before making manual adjustments just so you have a backup in case you’re anything like me and occasionally manage to break something by accident.


Body Parts


One thought on “Set Me Free

  1. I am so honored that you are sharing a passion and dedication to blogging which is so refreshing! Thank you for wanting me to be a part of your new journey ^^


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